About Urban Nomads

We aim to unite and empower people by connecting them with a variety of unique experiences.

Our Story

So two cool dudes Navin and Nakul (founders of Urban Nomads) met during their trip across India. Fostering their new relationship led to conversations of adventure and work, and wondering why work couldn’t be their adventure! So the idea to start a business together was formed. Besides their dream of offering a remote lifestyle, a platform to connect with like- minded individuals, and the ability to design an inspiring life, both of them had a lot in common.

Our Mission

By providing work-ready homes in strategic locations, they built a community of remote workers, digital nomads, and founders. These places became hubs where people wanted to come to live,. Creating a life of balance, with purpose was the driving force behind Urman Nomads. It was about empowering others to make their own decisions about where to work, when to work, and with whom to work.

Urban Nomad

”Knowing we touched lives makes us feel good and gives us a sense of purpose.“ Urban Nomads through its integrated space has developed an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, remote professionals and explorers. The aim of building an ecosystem is to foster lifetime value with our members and customers via value exchange and cross- collaboration.

Our Offerings

Coliving Spaces to make you feel at home

Communal areas toconnect

Ergonomic workspaces to enhance productivity

Open space to stretch yourself

Collaboration with Lifestyle brands

Boundary-pushing workshops andevents

Expert programs and courses

Find your tribe!

Beliefs we hold

  • Under one roof, we connect people to unique experiences.

  • People can become more united and empowered. We are realizing the dream of creating a global ecosystem by bringing incredible individuals under one roof. Various nations, professional domains, and races make up this diverse team.

  • Support, co-create, lift, and drive societal impact are the objectives of the ecosystem.


Sustainability is at the core of what Urban Nomads does. On our adventure-filled journey, a few years ago we asked ourselves a simple question: How can we design our lives more around experiences, and less around consumption? How might we maximize the resources to the fullest extent possible? One can indulge in their service to the environment by planting tree saplings under our care. We often drive volunteer programs such as riverside and beachside cleaning to help spread the word about conscious living!


Experiential experiences customized to your needs through the Urban Nomads platform. We provide opportunities, experiential learning, mentoring, cross- cultural studies, sociology, and self-sustainability. Multi- services are available under one roof, Living in a geographically bounded area should not limit an individual's imaginings and exposure to the world.

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