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Anyone seeking a growing business with a high growth potential in a completely new sector, can make your property a hub for urban nomads, professionals, and travellers. Spending on recreation is driven by a segment of the travel market that is focused on local experiences and activities.

About Us

Urban Nomads aims at providing an ecosystem for ambitious remote working professionals to redesign life. It is a platform to connect, collaborate and cowork with people from diverse walks of life. We are the leading community of remote professionals, digital nomads, and founders by building work-ready homes at stratergic locations

Market Facts

of India's population is millennial and the working class are indulging in Workation and Staycations.

of India's population is millennial and the working class are indulging in Workation and Staycations.

of India's population is millennial and the working class are indulging in Workation and Staycations.

Market Size

Shared economy of Co-living &
Co-working is estimated more than
$1 Trillion in next 5 years.

What do we Offer


Cohabitation is a timeless tradition, and we
carry the legacy with style and comfort.


Freelancers / Co-working

Startup / F&B area

Professionals / Co-working

Travellers / Co-living

Coliving Spaces

With our functional living space designed with comfortable living units, a fully equipped community kitchen, accessible laundry and hassle-free living, we will solve that problem for you. With seamless living, one can rent for a few nights or end up staying a year, and everything is included in one bill.

Coworking Spaces

Turn your assets into space that empowers productivity and collaboration for ambitious professionals where we often incubate new businesses and creative pursuits which drive change in the world. We specifically design workplaces for those who work dedicated hours that have proven to be beneficial.

Experience and Activities

A memorable experience is created when a company uses services as the stage and goods as props to engage individual customers. Additionally, your space will host closed-circuit events, workshops, and un-conference activities curated by Urban Nomads.

Why Partner with us


More than 30%

92,000 sq ft/ INR 69.8 Cr


INR 17,000 - 28,000





10,000+ happy customers


Urban Nomads Promise -We design for trust

Higher MOM return

Multiple revenue streams and ancillary services offer better ROI than any other player. Maintaining occupancy of >70% across our multiple spaces. Maintain retention of >30%, served >15K unique customers.

Exceptional Space Optimisation

Our design team ensures comfortable living and functional working space which offers a premium feel. Currently maintaining >92,000 sq ft

Handle end to end Operations

Our professional team handles day to day operations effectively via SOPS. Training and Hiring will be taken care of by our expert HR Team. INR 69.8 Cr asset under management.

Tech Enabled Dashboard

Dashboard tracks vital KPIS to ensure business functions in a smooth and automated manner. We help customize dashboards to optimise the way of doing business with ease of access at any time.

Digital Marketing Push

We generate leads via our social media channels, website and OTAs. We have an in- house agency for consulting and implementation of digital needs of business